Is your Company ready to become a Social Business?


Is your Company ready to become a Social Business?

Are you ready to go Social? Strap on your web 2.0 seat belts because ready or not, here it comes. I attended an IBM and Information Week hosted event on Becoming a Social Business. I was impressed with the vast array of businesses that were present- Industries from Healthcare, Government, Banking, to Finance, Insurance, and Education. Many were there not only to learn more about bringing social into the work place but many seemed ready to embrace it.

There’s a whole lot of socializing going on

Social web has seen explosive growth over the past few years – Facebook has over 500 million users worldwide and Twitter over 200 million users as of its 5th year in business March 21, 2011. Now that’s a lot of socializing! The big misconception is that Web 2.0 is simply about socializing- but it is so much more.

Use of Social Media to drive business success

The new network economy is about communities, collaboration, peer production and user-generated content. It is a place where business reputations are defined by customer opinions and ratings, where the latest news is delivered in real time by bloggers, and product development is driven by customers and their feedback. Leveraging the information generated through Social Media is powerful and can drive business success. The back bone of social media is communication, collaboration, honing relationships and building communities. Not much different in what is essential in every successful business. What is the differentiator or the X factor? It often comes down to relationships and how well we maintain and nurture them.

Social Networking promoting internal continuity

Companies have been trying for years to increase collaboration, share the knowledge and improve productivity. Bringing in Social Media tools to the work place can be the solution to this. Big corporations are trying to find the “sweet spot” to figure out how to harness the benefits of increased employee participation while mitigating the risks. Clearly, policies and procedures that encourage sharing knowledge and collaborating between employees must be implemented. A company’s social media approach must integrate with its existing communications channels and goals.

If you still think Social Media is just a trend and it doesn’t apply to you, rethink again. For any new technology or new “something, something”, there is a process. It may be intimidating at first but as long as you are open and willing to learn more, you will be on the road to successful transition, acceptance and adoption. We must be adaptable and open to these changes in order to grow and thrive.

What is your Social Strategy? If you don’t have one, we can help!

Are you already a Social Business? Please share. We would like to hear from you!

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