The Search for Search Engines


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Search engines have revolutionized the way we work. As a concierge, looking back a few years, I would refer to my rolodex for recommendations and information. All the information in my rolodex was either through years of contacts, knowledge and first hand experience. The rolodex was the equivalent to the little black book! Search engines have replaced the trusty rolodex with making the little black book public. It is the port to all secrets and shared knowledge, all at my finger tips.  How great is that! I just go to my favorite search engine, type in my request, and print out, fax, text, or email, all the information my guest would need. Streamlined and seamless!


My top favorite search engines and why: 

I love the candidness and on the spot reviews.

I like the ease of search and familiarity. There is a glitch however in their map feature where they have posted the wrong business name to the wrong address. This is a big glitch that I hope Yahoo would fix. If not, I may stray away to the other!

I like the accuracy of this search engine. I do wish they would simplify their Google Maps and not have as much graphics and interactive apps. I know, sounds like the opposite of what they would want to do. It just takes boat loads of bandwidth for me to download a simple map and print out to my guest standing in front of my screen, 80 miles away. The more simple, the better. By the way, I do have boat loads of bandwidth, (T1) but on the other end which is my remote computer, the bandwidth is not as robust.

This site has answers to anything and everything!

If you want to ease drop on all the nitty-gritty of the travel world this is the site to go to. You get the inside scoop of what all the frequent travelers are saying about all Hotels and Airlines. It is a true learning experience.

This site is for the real foodies out there! Their slogan is, “For Those Who Live to Eat”. Chow down!






3 Responses to “The Search for Search Engines”

  1. Says:

    I love gooooooooogle forever

  2. Mario Arnaldo, Ph. D. Says:

    My primary search engine is also Google, and I take advantage of Google alerts for the topics of my interest.

    As an educator, a good deal of my research is already done by The Pink Flamingo at This is a gold mine for students, educators, and researchers of all levels of expertise. The author, Kate Britt, is another treasure, and is an accomplished editor (see

    For my field of interest, I go to, because it has international links as well as topics in all my fields of interest.

    Pass The Cheer,


  3. virtualanna Says:

    Hi Dr. A, is one I forgot about. I receive their weekly e-magazine and is the top Hospitality community magazine for me!
    Thanks for chiming in!!!

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