How am I Driving?


This is a post where I am asking for Guests to share their experience with my Virtual Concierge service. Thank you in advance for your time in sharing your thoughts and feedback!!


4 Responses to “How am I Driving?”

  1. rudolf Says:

    Hi Anna,

    Thank you again for being such a good sport with David and I. I hope you received the photos that we took with you.

    The Virtual Concierge idea is so wonderful and I admire your dedication to your work and family. At first, David and I thought that you were a prerecorded video and would get a “robot” to answer our questions. But when David was about to pick up the phone you gave him a smile. It kind of scared us, but at the same time got us really excited at the possibility that you were real. We were amazed that technology has come this far that they can create avatars/prerecorded video that can respond to the surrounding.

    As our conference came to an end David and I were still debating on whether we should interact with the Virtual Concierge. We figured that if you were real that you were probably outsourced. That you were in another country. We also wanted to take a picture with you to show our friends our Virtual Concierge because no one would believe us. We finally got the courage to pick up the phone and to look like giddy teenage boys as we took pictures. We laughed at how everyone including the staff at the Hyatt were amused by our amusement with interacting with our virtual friend!

    Thank you again for being such a great sport and we hope to see you again!


  2. Virtual Anna Says:

    Hi Rudolf,
    Thank you for the feedback and words of encouragement! It was so much fun and a pleasure to meet you and David. Out of the 8 years I have worked in Virtual, that was the first picture I have taken giving a virtual high five and peace sign. I loved it! I look forward to your next visit and maybe then, we can come up with even more creative poses!
    Think of me as your virtual friend at your home away from home. 🙂

  3. Amy Says:

    Hi Anna!

    Just wanted to drop in and say hello! I also wanted to say thanks for being such a great and friendly concierge. It was fun to be able to see you in person one day and then another while you were back home as our “virtual concierge” that is pretty amazing. Either way you made my trip with my friend Shelly a fantastic girls’ getaway! Thanks for the great directions and tips for our drive.

    Hope all is well with you and family. You are the first virtual concierge experience I ever had and actually one of the best concierge that I ever met!

    Cheers, Amy from Vancouver.

    Hopefully I’ll send you pictures soon.

  4. Virtual Anna Says:

    Hi Amy!
    Thank you for dropping in and the kind words about your experience with my Virtual Concierge service. I am so honored to be the best concierge you have ever met! Coming from a well heeled, well traveled, hotel aficionado like yourself, I take that as the best compliment one can ever receive! It is in meeting people like you that makes my job such a pleasure. I am again reminded why I have chosen the hospitality industry.
    Many thanks,

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