Necessity is the Mother of Grass Roots Inventions

While ringing in the New Year, I look back at the abundant opportunities that I was blessed with within this last year and for the many years before. I have to say first and foremost how very fortunate and thankful I am! 

It was about 8 years ago January 2000, I was pregnant with my 2nd child and faced with an 80 mile commute to work every morning. I was not on the road by myself doing that daily grind but driving along side many thousands of other road warriors. I felt like I was being pulled in different directions ready to snap and yearned for that work life balance solution that many strive for.

This morning January 2008, I make my short  2 minute commute to work, my home office down the hall in my house. But I feel for the millions of others still caught in the daily grind of the commute while I read in the local paper about crude oil touching $100 a barrel.

“Necessity is the Mother of Invention”

The Virtual Concierge was my re-invention for my necessity, to be close to home with my children and at the same time be close to my guest at the Hotel. I was given a tool which was your traditional video-conferencing system and used it to create a solution for myself and possibly for many others. For 2008 I hope to create the tool for millions of others to create their own work life balance solutions. Stay tuned!


One Response to “Necessity is the Mother of Grass Roots Inventions”

  1. mark Says:

    Happy new year,best invention and solution for virtual world i guess Virtual live conference and concierge.Writer uses the best line according to article that “Necessity is the Mother of Grass Roots Inventions”

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