Hospitality and BlOgGinG

When I was first introduced to blogging, I was not sure how it would fit into what I do as a Concierge and the Hospitality Industry. But blogging has come a long way and has become a great resource for many industries. The first blog I use to read religiously was I would listen in on the top “road warriors” comments, feedback and advice about all hotel groups. It was like having a direct window into guest’s top concerns, thoughts, and advice about our Hotel. I compared it to people watching 101, in a crowded top notch restaurant with all the who’s who of the business travel world. With this new perspective, I was armed with insight which helped me become a better Concierge. Now Blogging has arrived and the hotel industry has rolled out the welcome mat:Tracking Tourism – Thoughts from the first ever travel industry bloggers summit,     found in eHotelier


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